Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CD Review: DeLeon's 'Tremor Fantasma'

Tremor Fantasma

The Sephardic wanderings of Mexico's DeLeon are inspired and influenced by Jewish musical traditions and folk music from Western Europe, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean. The contemporary music is not overtly-traditional in scope, but it contains a slight nod in that direction. Fortunately, the modern leanings of percussion, bass, guitars, and up-tempo instrumentation provide a Spanish feel and slightly experimental mode overall. For instance, the instrumental rock tune, "Lamma Bada," contains punchy electric guitar displays of beauty with Middle Eastern-type shakers and meditative drumming. The retro Brazilian-tinged tune, "Para Que Quero," is a jingly tune with an electric guitar solo and reverberating vibes. The sweet song contains smooth grooves, haunting vocals, and a Latin rock feel unsurpassed by other groups. The country-tinged, "Barminan," represents an Appalachian tune with banjo-picking and fast percussion. Who would think Sephardic nomads ventured up and down the Appalachian? This represents DeLeon's global appeal and varied genre stylings. DeLeon is a very good Sephardic music that is hip, fun, and ready to take the world by musical storm. ~ Matthew Forss 

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