Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Hannah & Maggie's 'Muscle & Bone'

Hannah & Maggie
Muscle & Bone

The New York-based female folk duo present us with compelling and catchy vocal melodies on Muscle & Bone. The vocal similarities with Sarah MacLachlan, Heidi Talbot, Avril Lavigne and Shawn Colvin are not too far-fetched. The pleasant melodies and vocal arrangements on "Ghost," solidify their mark with glorious instrumentation and unforgettable chords with background vocals delivered in an Enya-esque manner. "Burlington, VT" contains a nice jazzy trumpet, acoustic guitar, and upbeat percussion with scintillating ukulele or mandolin. "Keeping Calm The Lives We Know" is a steady folk tune with ambulating vocals and charming melodies. "Sara" slows it down a notch and incorporates a little cello for reflective elements. "As You Wake" is an upbeat, folk-country tune with loads of Southern Appalachian charm without the accents. "The Room Fiddler" is a perfect folk-pop tune that is simply magical. This is one of the best albums in any genre in a long time. There is plenty to chew on here. Simply amazing. ~ Matthew Forss   

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