Friday, September 7, 2012

CD Review: Diego's Umbrella's 'Proper Cowboy'

Diego's Umbrella
Proper Cowboy
Ninth Street Opus

San Francisco-based gypsy rock masters, Diego's Umbrella, is a riot live and on their new recording, Proper Cowboy. With a title nod to spaghetti Westerns, there is something wild and unabashed in Diego's music. The musically-rich "Thrash Mexican Budapest" is a lively gypsy thrash/rock anthem that is catchy, entertaining, and clearly the best track on the album. The heady, dance-friendly "Bulletproof Shine" screams of gypsy street ska with some urban beats. "Amsterdam Pt. 1" contains haunting fiddle, militaristic drumming, and cinematic symphonies of aural color. "Amsterdam Pt. 2" is not an instrumental tune like its predecessor. Instead, this song is more of a rock anthem with English vocals and a contemporary edge. Fans of klezmer, gypsy rock, and fun party music should check out Diego's Umbrella. ~ Matthew Forss

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