Friday, September 28, 2012

CD Review: Jackopierce's 'Everywhere All The Time'

Everywhere All The Time

The Dallas-based alternative rock group, Jackopierce, named after the founder's, Jack O'Neill and Cary Pierce, bring us catchy vocal harmonies and guitar rhythms with outstanding percussion. Overall, the music takes on a slight folk and country element that is steeped in memorable hooks, riffs, and lines. The folksy "Alright By Me" is layered with good hooks, percussion, and blazing fiddle or violin strings. The poignant, quiet anthem, "Killin Me," is a heartfelt ballad that is reflective with sparkling guitar notes and tambourine-shakin' percussion. The track is relatively slow with acoustic guitar and vocals. "Around Me Now" begins as a possible dance song with echoing vocals and a metallic, urban beat that morphs into a pop/rock tune of catchy sounds. The folksy "Lonely" contains beautiful harmonies and acoustic guitar with simplistic percussion that shimmers with life. As a whole, Jackopierce presents a very good mix of upbeat tunes that stand alone without much influence from other artists. Everywhere All The Time is going to be a hit with everyone. ~ Matthew Forss

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