Friday, September 7, 2012

CD Review: Shahrzad Sepanlou's 'Yek Rooz'

Shahrzad Sepanlou
Yek Rooz (One Day)

Born in Tehran, Iran and based in California, Shahrzad Sepanlou is a talented musician and vocalist that incorporates piano, percussion, bass, bouzouki, sax, and keyboards on her latest release, Yek Rooz. The jazzy, contemporary music is sung in Persian, but the instrumentation is top-notch throughout. There are hints of classical, jazz, and pop sounds indicative of Azerbaijan and Armenia, too. The Central Asian songstress is joined by Faramarz Aslani on "Maa." The musical arrangements of "Komakam Kon" are particularly enthralling, because the piano, emotive vocals, and ambulating percussion are classy and nostalgic with a modern twist. The music is not overly-showy, but the dance beat of "Che Konam" and electric guitar on "Ghazal Foroush" reflects a more youthful ambiance. Yek Rooz has everything for the discriminating listener--soft melodies, sensual vocals, dance beats, and reflective instrumental sections. Fans of Persian popular music should check out Yek Rooz today! ~ Matthew Forss

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