Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Alex Conde's 'Descarga For Monk'

Alex Conde
Descarga For Monk
Zoho Music

Alex Conde's piano playing abilities touch on Spanish, flamenco, Caribbean, and jazz genres on his latest work, Descarga For Monk. Alex is joined by Jeff Chambers on bass, Jon Arkin on drums, and John Santos on percussion, along with Amparo Conde and Carmen Carrasco on hand-claps and foot-stomps. The instrumental recording incorporates bubbly piano melodies interspersed with lounge jazz rhythms and light percussion that is classy, timeless, and easy to listen to. The album is aptly-titled, as it celebrates the  music of Thelonious Monk. In fact, all of the compositions are attributed to Thelonious Monk. Alex brings the music alive with edgy pizzazz and brilliant piano tunings that evoke feelings of contentment and happiness with each track. Fans of Latin jazz, Thelonious Monk, piano music, and instrumental works will love Alex Conde's latest venture. ~ Matthew Forss

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