Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CD Review: Allan Moon's 'Children Of The Call'

Allan Moon
Children Of The Call
Songbird Records

Children Of The Call is a laid-back, funky, and jazz-inflected journey resulting from Allan Moon's global lifestyle in Canada, New York, and Israel. Allan's classic tone bridges alternative leanings with folk and rock beats that shimmer with raw and inspiring lyrics. The slow, symphonic beats of the crooner, "New York City," Allan blends American 1970's folk styles with a bluesy, Southern feel for a truly enigmatic result. "Children Of The Call" is an anthem that combines the vocal talents akin to Cat Stevens and Tom Petty with a heady mix of classic roots and folk. "Karolina" is another bluesy tune with classic vocals that encapsulates everything good about contemporary pop and rock music. Overall, the album brings together a mix of blues, folk, roots, rock, pop, funk, and alternative leanings in one indelible package. All the songs are in English with liner notes detailing each song. Fans of classic rock and folk with a bluesy and innovative edge will find comfort in these tunes. ~ Matthew Forss

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