Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Complicated Animals' 'In This Game'

Complicated Animals
In This Game
Socialite Fiasco Music

Monica da Silva and Chad Alger are the duo, Complicated Animals, with a unique musical genre that is aptly-titled, Indie Nova. It is taken from classic, Brazilian pop and bossa nova sounds with a blend of folk full of poignant and celebratory tunings perfect for a relaxing evening on a beach of your choice. There are even French folk leanings without the French vocals or lyrics. Though, running around seventeen-minutes in length, the album is not going to last very long. Luckily, each song is unique and catchy in their own ways, which make listening very enjoyable. "O Que Passou" and "Sempre Aqui" are the only songs in Portuguese, while the other four tracks are in English. The music foundation includes bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, and other instruments that form a folksy sound that is more folk than Brazilian. "Roadmap" and "O Que Passou" are two very catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head for the better part of a day, or even longer if you put it on repeat (which you will). A great little album. ~ Matthew Forss

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