Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CD Review: Phil Chester Group's 'Open Door Samba'

Phil Chester Group
Open Door Samba

The very talented composer, arranger, saxophonist, and band-leader, Phil Chester, creates a moving instrumental album of jazzy concoctions with a good dose of South American grooves, American sensibilities, and cheery Latin arrangements for a rousing and inventive result. The music is bouncy, meditative, dance-friendly, and soothing. The multi-factoral musical feelings are related to the diverse instrumental abilities of the group, as well as the tempo, rhythm, and melodies. Phil Chester is joined by Bob Quarant on piano, Ian Froman on drums, Leo Huppert & Joe Fitzgerald on bass, Katie Jacoby on violin, and Tomas Ulrich on cello. The fluttering sax sounds are emotive and display a blend of bluesy urgency and a happy beach day. The somewhat classical undertones are a perfect accompaniment to the bossa nova, samba, and South American-tinged backbone. ~ Matthew Forss

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