Thursday, January 15, 2015

CD Review: Live Hart's 'Honesty'

Live Hart
Goin' Native Records

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Florida's Live Hart brings a fresh alternative soul and pop release with ten new songs loaded with heartfelt lyrics and smooth grooves. Honesty traverses the human soul with such acuity that is unparalleled in today's music. Live's candid expressions and emotive result shines through on every track. The first song, "I'm Gone," is a laid-back, soul-enveloping romp into a smooth jazz world of punchy bass, swishy percussion, and keyboard washes. "Lala" is a poignant guitar ballad with Live's solo and somewhat acrobatic vocals throughout. However, the vocals are quite tame and solid. "Release" is a neo-soul and pop tune with some electric guitar displays that set it apart from other tunes on the album. "Summer Love" is a lush, pop song with keyboards, guitars, percussion, and other effects that create a sort of dance-friendly result. "This Is Me" is another great pop tune with crystalline guitar notes, laid-back percussion, and clever lyrics. The same great elements, including back-up vocals, are present on "Please Don't Say It's Over." Overall, Live Hart's new release is more alternative soul and pop than urban or R&B. Every tune brings something new and fresh to the mix without resorting to any of the common traps of contemporary music. Honesty: It's the best! 5 Stars (out of 5) ~ Matthew Forss

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