Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CD Review: Pajala Tatawin's Self-Titled Release From Sweden And Tunisia

Pajala Tatawin
Pajala Tatawin

The unlikely pairing of music from Sweden and Tunisia is eloquently-illustrated on Pajala Tatawin's new, self-titled release. With Scandinavian melodies, folk roots, and the Arabic classicism of Tunisia's Amina Annabi, the music showcases some magical moments with joyous vocals, chants, heady rhythms, and diverse instrumentation that consists of double bass, accordion, kalimba, guitars, percussion, and piano. "Koskenkorva" is a splendid song with various vocalizations, symphonic sounds, edgy folk roots, light rock accompaniment, and Scandinavian sounds that leave listeners yearning for a repeat. The accordion-led, "Maa On Musta," is a reflective song set in a traditional setting that is quaint and somewhat French-inspired. The dance-friendly, "Muhamed," is an Arabic and European-inspired whirlwind of ecstatic beauty and earthly roots. There are Gypsy moments, Arabic grooves, Scandinavian roots, and global rhythms and vocals throughout for a very cohesive and enjoyable journey. ~ Matthew Forss

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