Friday, January 30, 2015

CD Review: Kiran Ahluwalia's 'Sanata: Stillness'

Kiran Ahluwalia
Sanata: Stillness

Indo-Canadian, Kiran Ahluwalia, ventures into uncharted territory with the swirling, bluesy, guitar riffs characteristic of North Africa's Saharan Desert region. However, South Asian delicacies are still apparent throughout the album, but the instrumental guitar, harmonium, and drums arouse a North African spirit laced with curry-scented morsels called songs. The breezy and bluesy style of "Hayat" resembles a North African anthem spearheaded with vocals of a South Asian origin, but "Sanata" contains similar influences . "Jaane Na" is more aligned with Indian jazz and pop with drifting melodies and floating vocals. "Lament" is a South Asian jazz tune with elements of rock, fusion, experimentation, and contemporary leanings in a mostly instrumental display. All of the music is created from acoustic/electric guitars, bass, tabla, organ, harmonium, drums, and vibraphone. Overall, Kiran challenges music origins and presents them in a very endearing package. Liner notes are in English, Hindi/Punjabi, and French.

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