Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Balkan Clarinet Summit'

Various Artists
Balkan Clarinet Summit

The neo-classical leanings of Balkan Clarinet Summit present musicians from all over Western Europe for a truly magical recording that is also a film. Goethe-Institut Athina director, Wolfgang Poehlmann, had the original idea, while Claudio Puntin and Steffen Schorn took charge of the musical direction. Artists come from Moldavia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Each artist contributes to the project in a collective manner, which leaves room for improvisation and innovation, but not straying too far from historic roots. The music is at times very peaceful, while other times it is very energetic and full of life. This is music created in Europe for people of all backgrounds and tastes, as it is completely instrumental and jam-packed with contemplative, relaxing, and even dance-friendly compositions and moments. Whether folk, neo-classical, or roots music is your passion, Balkan Clarinet Summit will surely inspire listeners everywhere to listen up. ~ Matthew Forss

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