Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Stevin McNamara's 'Shakti Guitar'

Stevin McNamara
Shakti Guitar
White Swan Records

Stevin McNamara's latest foray into meditational bliss on Shakti Guitar adds a beautiful serenity to soul-soaked compositions ripe with engaging melodies and soothing rhythms. Stevin's contemplative guitar stylings are accompanied by drums, gongs, bells, bass, Bansuri flute, sarod, tabla, acoustic bass, tamboura, frame drum, and other percussive instruments. The sweeping sounds are very fulfilling and addictive. There are even a few vocals (thanks to Sheela Bringi), but the majority of songs are instrumental. Stevin's nylon guitar strums and plucks project listeners into a trance-induced coma of a higher consciousness. The light sounds are more akin to new age constructions or even film soundtracks. The spacious sounds and heavenly ambiance attract listeners with entrancing elements and shape-shifting progressions that never disappoint. If you want to do yoga, sleep, relax, chill, or think at a higher level, then Stevin McNamara will get your shakti's aligned with this one! ~ Matthew Forss

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Thank you so much again for the great review Matthew !!