Monday, January 26, 2015

CD Review: Avasa & Matthew Love's 'The Road'

Avasa & Matthew Love
The Road
White Swan Records

Husband and wife-duo, Avasa & Matthew Love, present us with a gracious album of inner peace led by catchy pop hooks and spacious thematic constructions. There is a contemporary vein running throughout the album, but there also is a historical foundation with yoga-inspired melodies and vocalizations that transcend time, space, and genre categorization. Avasa & Matthew lead vocals, guitar, and harmonium, while others perform on tabla, esraj, flute, violin, mandolin, bass, and percussion. There are supporting vocals by a number of artists, including Jason Mraz. As with many other White Swan Recordings, The Road follows in a similar path to Deva Premal, Miten, Krishna Das, and Liquid Bloom. The symphonic choruses and sweet vocal lines are repeated in parts to add another layer of bliss and satisfaction come over any listener within earshot. The glorious vocals and catchy hooks will grab hold of any listener and never let go. Essentially, The Road is very, very good. ~ Matthew Forss

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