Sunday, January 25, 2015

CD Review: Niels Gedge's 'Maui's Whale'

Niels Gedge
Maui's Whale

The folk and blues-tinged vocals of singer and guitarist, Niels Gedge, paints a beautiful picture of intelligent music from a seemingly-unlikely region of the world: New Zealand. The English vocals are emotive and ruddy, but always pleasant. Niels is joined by several performers on clarinet, sousaphone, percussion, piano, cello, accordion, upright bass, cross harp, trumpet, and a few other instruments. The songs are led by Niels' intense and honest lyrics that are wrapped around a heady mix of rhythms and melodies that never get old. The playful tunes bring in some blues and gospel overtones amid a folk background. Anyone searching for some great folk, blues, gospel, and popular music with classic vocals and a great mix of instrumentation will love Maui's Whale. ~ Matthew Forss

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