Thursday, December 15, 2011

CD Review: Dub Caravan's 'Nomadic Fusions'

Dub Caravan
Nomadic Fusions

The project originator of Dub Caravan is Felix Russ Abu. Working as a talented artist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, Felix has created a global journey soundtrack for today's world. The trippy, dub-centric compositions contain rhythms and melodies from the Far East, Middle East, and Mediterranean. The music contains some vocals, but the instrumental melodies are the real winners here. The undulating dub tracks, drifting percussion, and funky, reggae-inspired backdrops provide a serious listening experience. The music is not overly-done. Importantly, Nomadic Fusions combines the past with the future without resorting to washed-out, techno-trance with no soul. Instead, Dub Caravan knows how to seek out the world's cultures and capture their sounds in true form. Anyone interested in contemporary world dub, electronic music, and groovy sounds from around the world in a modern setting, then look no further. ~ Matthew Forss

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