Friday, December 9, 2011

CD Review: Zulya's 'Tales of Subliming'

Zulya Kamalova
Tales of Subliming
Westpark Music

The Australian-based, Russian singer, Zulya Kamalova, is a proponent of folk music with Tatar and Russian origins. Her songs are steeped in colorful poetry and fairy-tale ambiance with English, Tatar, and Russian lyrics. The instruments are varied, and include marimba, vibraphone, piano, double bass, jews harp, electric guitar, organ, trumpet, cornet, piano accordion, tuba, strings, guitars, and hurdy-gurdy. The folk music contains a bit of an international appeal with European jazz, gypsy, and classic, pop standard tunes. The songs are as transformative as the title of the album suggests. The music is organic, pure, and sublime. Not one song suffers from a weakness. This is perfect for fans of Russian folk music, as well as other types of folk and vocal music with simplistic, yet impressive instrumentation arrangements. Related artists: Patricia Kaas (France) and Sanda (Romania). ~ Matthew Forss

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