Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD Review: Gottfried David Gfrerer's 'Stainless Steel'

Gottfried David Gfrerer
Stainless Steel

Slide guitar music from Austria? As crazy as it sounds; it's the truth. In fact, Gottfried sings in English, too. However, this is not just an instrumentalist's cup of tea, as Gottfried gets into a bluegrass and bluesy groove with accented vocals tricking us into thinking the music is coming straight out of the Appalachians--not the Alps. At any rate, the slower melodies and additional instrumentation from the bass, dobro, sax, keyboards, and drumkit. The nylon string guitar also plays a part. The sweetest and simplest songs are produced on limited instrumentation with killer vocals from Gottfried and guest vocalists. The fancy finger picking and improvisations lead the charge with a memorable result. Gottfried's fiery playing style and intimate vocalizations make Stainless Steel a sure thing for guitar fans. There are no mixed metals--or emotions--here. ~ Matthew Forss 

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