Friday, December 16, 2011

CD Review: KG Omulo's 'Ayah Ye! Moving Train'

KG Omulo
Ayah Ye! Moving Train

Kenyan funk music is recreated in the USA with KG Omulo's cultural roots shining bright above ground. A transplant living in Florida and Rhode Island, KG developed a rock, reggae, and Afro-pop style of music that penetrates the human soul. The eleven socially-charged tracks are back by incredible instrumentation and groovy beats with all the charisma of a 1970's club in Nairobi. The English-language lyrics represent KG's cross-cultural roots without neglecting or paying hommage to his African upbringing. Some of the tracks included a groovy, psyche-down-tempo feel, but soul, jazz, alternative, and pop styles are equally represented. The music is electrified with jazzy horns, punchy guitars, and more lyrical Fela-esque vocals that leave nothing to chance. KG Omulo is moving ahead with Ayah Ye! Moving Train. ~ Matthew Forss

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