Friday, December 30, 2011

CD Review: Parker Ainsworth's 'Leave On The Lights'

Parker Ainsworth
Leave On The Lights

The second release by Parker Ainsworth, Leave On The Lights, is a stellar seven-track album of personal songs that echo with love and life with each glistening, guitar-note. Parker's vocals seem to be a mix of James Blunt and Five For Fighting. Parker's vocals and guitar are backed by piano, electronic embellishments, bass, cello, accordion, dobro, pedal steel, percussion, and backup vocals by Chaska Potter and Mona Tavokoli. The bluesy, "April Full Moon," is a perfect example of Parker's vocals and instrumentation come together. The more spacious, "Time To Let Go," provides a palette of guitar and electronic splendor that never ceases to amaze the listener. "The Projectionist" is a short, spoken word rambling by Parker about a theater projectionist. The spoken word is supported by some guitar accompaniment. "The Forgiver" is a slightly, western or country-tinged song that echoes back to the old-time music days, but with Parker's iconic vocals. The seemingly silly-titled, "Favorite Jeans," is a sweet song about a pair of jeans with a folk-roots-backed assortment of instruments. Anyone with an interest in contemporary folk-pop or folk-roots music should throw on their 'favorite jeans' before 'april's full moon' and buy his new album and 'leave on the lights' when listening. ~ Matthew Forss

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