Thursday, December 15, 2011

CD Review: Putumayo's 'Brazilian Beat'

Various Artists
Brazilian Beat

The Afro-Brazilian rhythms, samba soul, and steamy, South American sensibilities makes Brazilian Beat a sure-fire hit for a holiday season gift. The funky grooves and fluid vocals are percussion-heavy and psychedelic with loads of hip-swaying melodies and lounge elements. The smooth sounds of the 1970's are certainly evident on most of the tracks. A host of not-so-well-known musicians, including Fino Coletivo, Brazuka Fina, Marcello, Roge, Tamy, Bruna Caram, and others, produce infectious sounds with Latin bossa nova and jazzy horns. The result is astounding, pleasing, and ear-friendly. The mix of sounds and artists are diverse enough to keep the seasoned Brazilian music listener very pre-occupied with plenty of music. ~ Matthew Forss

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