Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD Review: V/A - 'Arctic Paradise: Contemporary Music From Finland 2012'

Various Artists
Arctic Paradise: Contemporary Music From Finland 2012

The Finnish Music Information Centre located in Helsinki releases yet another CD with nearly 90 pages of musical text wholly devoted to the contemporary Finnish music scene. Music articles included by Pirkko Kotirinta, Henna Salo, Merja Hottinen, Riika Hiltunen, and Songlines Magazine editor, Simon Broughton. The articles focus on fusion, indigenous styles, and unconventional musicmaking throughout Finland. Some of the artists included on the compilation are Frigg, Maria Kalaniemi, Suo, Johanna Juhola, Svang, Wimme, Karuna, Nordik Tree, and others. The mix of vocal and instrumental music is refreshing and pleasant for the ears. There is an absence of Varttina on this release, which is somewhat disappointing. Still, the FIMIC puts together a timeless release with loads of informative liner notes and album artwork. ~ Matthew Forss

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