Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD Review: Lampa Ladino's 'En Este Mundo'

Lampa Ladino
En Este Mundo (In This World)
Sketis Music

Russian-based, Lampa Ladino, was started by Grigory Sandomirsky after listening to several records from Sephardic Jews and Ladino musicians several years ago. Ladino is a Sephardic language of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula. The melodies are typically sweeping, classical, jazzy, and also rock-focused (only on one track). For instance, a bit of rock guitar is found on "La Komida La Manyana." However, Judeo-Spanish rhythms win out with a host of songs incorporating Latin or Spanish elements with sorrowful vocals and plaintive piano. Though, a variety of percussion, horns, and string instruments are included throughout. There are classical and jazz elements that are rather spritely--and heavily influenced by Yiddish, Klezmer, and Gypsy song structures. The addition of the guitar, piano, and percussion provides a laidback lounge feel perfect for relaxing after a hard day's work. Fans of avant-garde, jazz, fusion, Sephardic, and Ladino music will be happy to own Lampa Ladino's latest release. ~ Matthew Forss 

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