Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD Review: Jelena Jakubovitch's 'Burn Burn Gypsy Love'

Jelena Jakubovitch
Burn Burn Gypsy Love

Russian-born and Stockholm resident, Jelena Jakubovitch, sets the stage with an amazing set of Russian poetry sung in an emotive and seductive style in the vein of Latin and Gypsy rhythms. Jelena's lyrics in Russian speak volumes--even if you may not be able to understand the words. Notably, the song lyrics are printed in the liner notes in English. Nevertheless, Jelena incorporated Gypsy rhythms from beyond Western Europe--with sounds coming from Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mediterranean, and Scandinavian roots. The classical and jazzy compositions contain splendid rhythms and melodies. Jelena's voice is as strong as the Czech Republic's Vera Bila or Cape Verde's late-Cesaria Evora. At any rate, Burn Burn Gypsy Love is burning with fiery passion and rustic vocals that awaken the heart of the human spirit. ~ Matthew Forss

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