Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD Review: TriBeCaStan's 'New Deli'

New Deli
EverGreene Music

The world fusion tendencies of TriBeCaStan are blatantly evident on all of the tracks. The incorporation of North American guitars, strings, horns, and flutes, are joined with Latin, South American, North African, Central Asian, South Asian, and European sensibilities. The avant-garde and neo-fusion qualities of the mostly instrumental music sound delightful and unique. The funky, fusion, and world-based melodies and instruments create a sound all their own unique to the imagined nation of TriBeCaStan. The rock guitar elements pop up at times, especially on "Freaks For The Festival." Although, the horn-based melodies mimic Gypsy or Balkan influences the most. Furthermore, the music contains a bit of humor, as some of the song titles are called, "Louie's Luau,"Bed Bugs," (One Day) His Axe Fell Into Honey," and "The Brain Surgeon's Wife Serves Lunch." The whimsical album artwork is further evidence supporting the abovementioned fact. Anyone with an interest in world fusion, Gypsy music, avant-garde, and music without borders, the New Deli serves it up really good. ~ Matthew Forss

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