Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's 'Roadsides'

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
Arogole Music

Born in Jerusalem, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb brings us a magical and historical release of Hebrew songs with some Palestinian vocals, a jazzy repertoire, and avant garde set-up that is both relaxing and innovative. The sauntering songs are loaded with jazzy effects, but the music is a kind of fusion that is born out of Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Ladino musical styles. The music is very dreamy, contemplative, and authentic. Ayelet's vocals are inspirational, playful, and mature. The music is sometimes giddy, too. Overall, the album is so diverse and varied that it is difficult to categorize it in one word. Anyone interested in Middle Eastern, Arabic, flamenco, Ladino, folk, roots, world fusion, avant garde, and world jazz will love Roadsides. ~ Matthew Forss

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