Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: Radio Riddler's 'Purple Reggae'

Radio Riddler
Purple Reggae
MITA Records

2014 is the thirtieth-anniversary of Prince's Purple Rain release and Radio Riddler pays homage to that very successful album with Purple Reggae. However, Radio Riddler's spin on the music involves the reggae genre. Radio Riddler incorporates the help of vocalists, Suggs, Deborah Bonham, Frank Benbini, Naim Cortazzi, Citizen Cope, Sinead O'Connor, Beverley Knight, and Ali Campbell. Every track on Prince's original album are included here, but each tune has a reggae beat and subtle musical nuances that separate them from the originals. At any rate, Radio Riddler knows how to succeed with reggae beats and a slew of guest vocalists that provide a very talented repertoire that should not be ignored. Fans of Prince, Radio Riddler, reggae music and anyone else interested in music should love it. ~ Matthew Forss

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