Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: Dirtwire's 'The Carrier'

The Carrier
Beats Antique Records

Spearheaded by California's Evan Fraser (of Hamsa Lila and Stellamara fame) and David Satori (of Beats Antique fame), Dirtwire is a seven-track album of distilled Americana tunes that showcase the bluesy and Appalachian side of the musical spectrum. However, the Americana sounds are not to be ignored, as the world fusion and slightly electronica qualities take center stage. There is a light, easy listening feel to the music with intonations of banjo, guitar, saz, melodica, percussion, megaphone, jaw harp, steel guitar, ngoni, calabash, and other instruments. The vocals are sparse, but lead by Evan Fraser, Leah Song, Chloe Smith, and TBird Luv. The entire album is only twenty-five minutes long, which categorizes it as an EP. Still, there is something intriguing and memorable with Dirtwire's latest release. This is one album that astounds -- from the liner art to the last track. ~ Matthew Forss

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