Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: Dalava's Self-Titled Release From Moravia

Sanasar Records

Dalava is led by vocalist, Julia Ulehla and guitarist, Aram Bajakian. The entire project brings together Moravian folk songs originally transcribed by ethnomusicologist and biologist, Dr. Vladimir Ulehla. The Moravian/Czech folk songs are reinvented by Julia and Aram, with special contributions on violin, acoustic bass, gumbri, and glockenspiel. The instrumentation is very Squonk Opera meets the Faroe Islands' Valravn. The magical sounds are sometimes heavy, construed, and stirring, which reflects the innovation of the performers. This is a contemporary recording with ancient songs that are ripe with folk, opera, and roots-inspired music. There is even a slight rock vein on a few tunes, but this is not rock music. Anyone interested in Moravian/Czech music, opera, folk, and fusion music will love it. ~ Matthew Forss

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