Monday, September 29, 2014

CD Review: Farah's 'Neoteric'


California-based, Farah Washington, is a singer, performer, model, and all-around creative person with a heart and soul in alternative, urban, R&B, and hip-hop-like song-crafting. Her new album, Neoteric, which actually means 'new idea,' is a perfect description of this carefully-selected and imaginative work of slow beats, urban sounds, and even electronic embellishments. The five-track release features a groove-laden and sultry song, "I Don't Wanna (Leave)," which showcases Farah's intimate and commanding vocals. "You Got It (Interlude)" is a two-minute song with a beat akin to something by Rihanna with repeating vocals and swishy percussion. The opener is a fuzzy, electronic, and drowned-out track with a smattering of vocals and an urban beat that sounds distant and despondent, but that doesn't make it terrible. "5.3.1" is a soothing tune with R&B grooves and sultry vocals. The percussion is rather swishy and electronic. For an EP, Neoteric is a good example of an artist defining their voice and musical style, while making us yearn for more. Little room for improvement here. 4 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss

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