Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Ultimate New Orleans Brass Second Line Funk!'

Various Artists
Ultimate New Orleans Brass Second Line Funk!
Mardi Gras Records

The punchy, brass sounds of Mardi Gras are captured on Ultimate New Orleans Brass Second Line Funk!. The music is full of fun, party-like elements that are celebratory and youthful. However, the music takes on a Southern jazz vein, which is expected, but it also contains some vocals that seem to be more funk-centric. There are thirteen tracks in all representing Rebirth Brass Band, Soul Rebels, Lil Rascals, Olympia Brass Band, Treme Brass Band, and Hustlers Brass Band. The music is born out of a foot parade that generally accompanies Mardi Gras activities and festivities, but it may also accompany other festivals, funerals, and parades. Some of the vocal lines and/or melodies are repetitious, but anyone familiar with jazz bands and brass bands in particular, will love the bluesy, jazzy, and funky sounds. ~ Matthew Forss

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