Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CD Review: Paulo Padilha's 'Na Lojinha De Eu Me Sinto Milionario'

Paulo Padilha
Na Lojinha De Eu Me Sinto Milionario

Brazil's Paulo Padilha is a talented musician with a knack for crafting delicate songs with a message in a fanciful format with traditional instruments. The thirteen songs feature giddy tunes with an effervescent guitar, swishy percussion, and breezy arrangements that are perfectly-suited for the oceanside shanties and bungalows or high-rise offices. Paulo permeates every facet of life with his evocative little songs. The instrumental nuances are full of life with scintillating guitar work that possesses a Portuguese influence and South American essence. The music mixes a little jazz and neo-classical influences with folk and pop to create a very intriguing and lasting recording. The vocals are rich and varied with a moderate dose of maturity. Anyone looking for easy-going, Brazilian music with roots in Portuguese and folk styles will love Paulo's new release. ~ Matthew Forss

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