Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CD Review: Troker's 'Crimen Sonora'

Crimen Sonora

The Tex-Mex Balkan funk dance beats of Troker is multi-dimensional and definitely interesting. Troker brings heady electronica, jazz, and muted metal sounds to the alternative forefront throughout the album. There is a mix of swirling noises, sounds, and melodies that traverse the funk, cinematic, and psych worlds in such a fashion as to arouse listeners in a very positive direction. The music moves along with an earnest energy never really heard before in Mexican music. The music is quite contemporary and amorphous with no real multi-international origins, but anyone into experimental, avant-garde, and art rock will love it. The steady world jazz connotations on a few tracks suggests a down-tempo pulse, which they know how to pull off with ease. If you are seeking Mexican maracas, congas, and mariachis; then look elsewhere. These guys are so good they will blow the chimi right out of the changa! ~ Matthew Forss

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