Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CD Review: Cocek Brass Band's 'Here Comes Shlomo'

Cocek Brass Band
Here Comes Shlomo

The five-piece brass band, Cocek Brass Band, instills the Balkan spirit of brass and jazz on their debut release, Here Comes Shlomo. The band formed in the Northeastern U.S., but their roots extend far beyond the borders of North America--with swirling, bubbling brass melodies blurting out from two trumpets and a tuba--all highlight the band's international style and presence. The music is a mix of Roma, gypsy, klezmer, New Orleans jazz, and Dixieland orchestrations that are highly-textured and classically-significant. The sauntering tunes are completely instrumental without any vocal accompaniment, which suits the music perfectly. The album is based on Balkan cocek dance tunes. Anyone with an interest in traditional Balkan music will find the music very entertaining and upbeat. All jazz, brass, and band fans unite! ~ Matthew Forss

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