Saturday, September 13, 2014

CD Review: FatDog's 'New Found Land'

New Found Land
Riverboat Records/World Music Network

FatDog is an engaging folk music troupe with members from Sweden, England, and Norway. The group is rich in roots and jazz styles, too. The European group incorporates diverse instruments, including cittern, concertina, guitar, clarinet, flute, trumpet, sax, bass, and hurdy-gurdy. All the members chime in from time to time on vocals. There are Scandinavian dance elements and other Western European musical styles that propel the music into a very intriguing and addictive whirlwind of aural color. The percussion is produced from various instruments, but there are no drums on the recording. The brass keep the music moving along into some jazzy realms, while the strings and vocals keep it well-rooted in Scandinavian ancestry. At any rate, the twelve tunes are mostly traditional, but arranged by FatDog. Fans of European jigs, reels, sailor songs, folk music, and roots music will find New Found Land a necessary listening experience. ~ Matthew Forss

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