Friday, February 24, 2012

CD Review: Amana Melome's 'Phoenix Rising'

Amana Melome'
Phoenix Rising
Savana Records

Born in Germany and prior resident at various places around the world, Amana Melome' produces an Afro-pop album with reggae, neo-soul, funk, and jazz influences that pervade the music. With a voice not unlike Nelly Furtado, Amana spreads her wings and flies high with catchy tunes that are uplifting and charismatic. The music is not overdone or mindless. In fact, Amana's songs are carefree, candid, and introspective. The jazzy, sauntering, and laid-back song, "Lazy Sunday," brings to mind a throwback to neo-soul of the 1970s or 80s. At any rate, the music is made for today. The blended concoctions of jazz, blues, soul, rock, and pop form a remarkable album of creative ingenuity that hits the human soul with waves of unending beauty.  "Ao Meio Dia" is a hint at Brazilian samba or jazz that latches onto one's soul and never lets go. Twelve tracks round out the album for a fifty-minute journey. Hopefully, Phoenix Rising will make a nice addition to your global music library. ~ Matthew Forss

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