Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CD Review: Kmang-Kmang's 'Drifting'


The classical, jazz, and folk tunes of Cambodian-American-led, Barmey Ung, attempts to turn the classical world upside-down with his marvelous release, Drifting. Mostly an instrumental album, Barmey throws in some vocals on "First Chances" and "In The Dangers Of My Imagination." The songs are classical, cinematic, and globally-appealing. Barmey is a great composer and guitarist. He is joined by Jeff Fortin on drums, Sam Filip on bass, and Brandi Berry on violin. The Chicago-based quartet mixes in a little classic pop without much in the way of Cambodian guitar styles or songs. In essence, the project is largely American in its arrangement and performance. Anyone with an interest in classical music with a good dose of jazz and instrumental fusion will be swept away with his intoxicating sense of musical style. Let the notes drift into your ears with resounding joy. ~ Matthew Forss

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