Friday, February 24, 2012

CD Review: The Funk Ark's 'High Noon'

The Funk Ark
High Noon
ESL Music

The Funk Ark is a plethora of funky, mood-driven, heady tunes that feature the funkiest music this side of Africa. In fact, the group is based in Washington, D.C.--not exactly Ghana. Nevertheless, the groovy, fun, and danceable rhythms are primarily influenced by the highlife, free jazz, and afro-rock music of the 1970s. High Noon features the sax, organ, trumpet, bass, percussion, and limited vocals. The music of Chopteeth and Fela Kuti come to mind. However, this is an album for a new generation of African music. Despite its Western title and cover imagery, High Noon is a product that carries the traditions of West Africa. High Noon is great for any part of day. ~ Matthew Forss

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