Friday, February 24, 2012

CD Review: Michala Petri's 'Chinese Recorder Concertos: East Meets West'

Michala Petri
Chinese Recorder Concertos: East Meets West
OUR Recordings

Recorder virtuoso, Michala Petri is joined by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra and Tang Jianping, Bright Sheng, Ma Shui-long, and Chen Yi on this incredible recording of classical concert compositions. The frenzied, dramatic, and contemplative elements of classical music is brought to the forefront without any vocals. The recorder tones accentuate the melodies with a filmic, almost musical overtone. The brooding strings, airy woodwinds, and bellowing percussion only add to the incredible masterpieces. Tang Jianping composes three parts of Fei Ge (Flying Song); Bright Sheng brings us "Chi Lin's Dance" and "Flute Moon;" while Ma Shui-long contributes on "Andante Grandioso," Adagio Cantabile," and "Finale, Allegretto con Gioco." Chen Yi presents three songs celebrating ancient Chinese beauty. All songs are condutced by Lan Shui. At any rate, the classical instruments, stirring melodies, and instrumental eloquence is top-notch. Fans of Chinese classical music will especially love this one. Detailed liner notes are included in English and Chinese. ~ Matthew Forss

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