Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Playful Yoga'

Various Artists
Playful Yoga
White Swan Records

The music for yoga today is more than gongs, flutes, and sitars. Instead, the folks at White Swan continue to produce divine yoga music with modern instrumentation and traditional rhythms and instruments. Playful Yoga contains music by Steve Halpern, the rap stylings of MC Yogi, plus Wynne Paris, Dave Dale, Nadaji, EarthRise SoundSystem, Don Shiva, Prem Joshua, Omkar, Maneesh de Moor, Gary Stroutsos, Face, and Laya Project. The upbeat melodies are inspired by Eastern traditions with sparkling melodies, thumping tablas, electronic embellishments, and uplifting vocals good enough for any kirtan session. Omkar's opening and closing Tibetan bowl sounds satisfyingly open and close the album with meditative and peaceful consequences. The album's brainchild is Dee Marie, an accomplished yoga therapist that compiled the songs based on their effectiveness in her practice. This is a perfect album for an introduction to the contemporary yoga music sounds permeating the airwaves and subconsciouses of intelligent listeners around the world. ~ Matthew Forss

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kaney said...

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