Friday, February 3, 2012

CD Review: Electric Balkan Jazz Club's 'Balkan Dogs'

Electric Balkan Jazz Club
Balkan Dog
Musique Estetica

From the Mediterranean to the Balkans, Electric Balkan Jazz Club presents an exciting mix of music inspired by Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, and German music traditions. The upbeat percussion, wailing brass, and whirling melodies are accomplished with the guitar, bass, accordion, bouzouki, oud, saz, mandolin, darbuka, sax, clarinet, and others. The twelve tracks contain energetic rhythms and melodies that are reminiscent of klezmer and gypsy songs, too. The mix of vocal and instrumental songs provides a great selection of danceable tunes. The emotive vocals and ballad-esque repertoire on some occasions, makes Balkan Dog nothing to 'balk' at! ~ Matthew Forss

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