Friday, February 3, 2012

CD Review: Natasa Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic's 'Soulmotion'

Natasa Mirkovic and Nenad Vasilic
Galileo Records

Natasa Mirkovic is Bosnian and Nenad Vasilic is Serbian, but they are based in Vienna, Austria. The folk duo create a set of songs that are interpretations of classic songs from Yugoslavia originally composed in the 1970s and 80s. Nenad, a jazz bassist, fills in the sound with punchy playing that would light up any classical or jazz ensemble. Nenad is accompanied by Natasa on vocals. Natasa's voice is heartfelt, but not too obtrusive or over-the-top. Instead, Natasa brings a youthful, spirited, and intelligent mix of vocals that would be perfect for a lounge club or jazz club. The twelve songs are only accompanied on vocals and upright bass. No other instrumentation is employed. The result is a raw, intimate, and candid music session that is very enjoyable. Anyone with an interest in Yugoslavian music and jazz will love the cozy vocal wanderings of Natasa Mirkovic and her bass partner, Nenad Vasilic. ~ Matthew Forss

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