Friday, February 24, 2012

CD Review: Del Castillo's 'Infinitas Rapsodias' [CD/DVD]

Del Castillo
Infinitas Rapsodias [CD/DVD]
Smilin' Castle Records

Texas-based Del Castillo excite crowds with their energetic songs and charismatic personalities. Thankfully, this is all captured on their latest release, Infinitas Rapsodias. Five new songs and several previoiusly-released favorites are presented here. Many of the songs are upbeat, flamenco, and Latin/rock gems. The vocal harmonies, ballad-esque songs, and party tunes are all here. "Mujer Angel" is a lovely ballad that could be featured on any contemporary music chart in the USA and other countries, for that matter. The solemn guitar solo electrifies the soul. As a bonus, a DVD is included tht features a behind-the-scenes look at producing the album. It also containsa video for "Canta de Alma" and three covers: "Listen To The Music," What A Wonderful World," and While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Overall, the flamenco and gypsy-driven music is peppered with doses of rock and folk, which are funky, groovy, and unforgettable. Whatever you call it, 'amazing' comes to mind. ~ Matthew Forss

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