Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Song Reviews: Hailee Araya

Hailee Araya

This is a review of three new songs from Sweden's Ethiopian (and now Miami-based) singer, Hailee Araya. The first song available as a download is "Diaspora." This is an English-lyric song with a nod to the African continent. The contemporary dance elements are evident, but the music is relatively relaxed and R&B-focused. A piano melody, ululating background vocals, and light percussion marks the song's most poignant moments. Hailee's young voice breathes life into the song without sounding weak or overwhelming. "Show You Love" contains a reggae beat with keyboards, funky percussion, and Hailee's sweet voice that echoes with love and delight throughout. The music sounds a bit like modern Ethiopian tunes, but it is still uniquely Araya-esque. The ambulating percussion and melody is good overall. The final track, which is unnamed, contains Beniton the Menace and Hailee on vocals. The urban beat is more North American in delivery, but it still retains a degree of reggae and Ethiopan ambiance. It will be exciting to hear more from Hailee in the future. Keep your ears tuned! ~ Matthew Forss

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