Friday, February 3, 2012

CD Review: Henry Cole and The Afrobeat Collective's 'Roots Before Branches'

Henry Cole and The Afrobeat Collective
Roots Before Branches

Henry Cole is a Puerto Rican drummer and musician with a knack for anything Afro-Caribbean and jazz. Roots Before Branches is full of lively vocal sets with elements of hip hop, funk, and downtempo. The vocals are more aligned with Latin influences, while the instrumental segments take on an afrobeat character. The extended instrumental tracks and portions of songs are especially appealing, because they provide a perfect situation for kicking back and relaxing to the Afro-jazz-Latin sounds of the cross-cultural abyss called world music. The horn and trumpet segments are backed by a languid and upbeat percussion foundation that never ceases to amaze all who listen. Some tracks are particularly fast-paced with vibrant percussion, funky grooves, and rootsy melodies. At any rate, Henry Cole and The Afrobeat Collective brings a delicious mix of dance music to the table with loads of Latin spice and African sensibilities that incorporate American jazz idioms. Fans of Afrobeat music and golden Afro-funk will love Roots Before Branches. ~ Matthew Forss

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