Thursday, February 2, 2012

CD Review: Matuto's US-Brazil 'Matuto'

Galileo Records

Imagine the bluegrass sounds of the American South with the Brazilian folk rhythms of South America coming together in musical harmony. That is what you get when you listen to Matuto, which means 'bumpkin.' The mish-mash of sounds is full-on bluegrass fiddle and vocals, but it often occurs alongside the Brazilian folklore traditions of forro, samba, chorinho, frevo, and others. The folksy, guitar-picking melodies are entwined with lively accordion, Gypsy rhythms, and upbeat, traditional instrumentation that shines with aural color. The slight jazz and improvisational feel is evident on some tracks. The bottom line is a diverse mix of songs, melodies, and instrumentation that does not seem boring, lethargic, or annoyingly obtrusive. Instead, Matuto brightens the music of Brazil with European leanings and American rock sensibilities without resorting to mainstream pop. This is Gyspsy music of the South...Brazil, that is. ~ Matthew Forss 

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