Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CD Review: Daniel Levi Goans' 'Brother Stranger'

Daniel Levi Goans
Brother Stranger

The Southern folk tunes of Daniel Levi Goans are exceptionally-intimate and classy. Daniel's folk voice dabbles in rootsy music with light doses of percussion, strings, piano, guitar, and aural soundscapes. The eerie "Arcana Echoes" features ghostly whistles, otherworldly sounds, sparse guitars, and instrumental magnificence for a lo-fi composition. The laid-back, "Blue To Black" and "My Mind Became My Home," echos the ambiance of Ben Folds--another Southern music maestro. The songs are poetic, languid, and memorable. Overall, Daniel's cafe or coffee shop-esque vocal and instrumental delivery is sincere, simplistic, and slightly bluesy. The twelve songs possess an inherent quality that is quite magical. The pensive guitar stylings are also meditative and reflective. At any rate, Brother Stranger is a harmonic delight with an uncanny ability to stir up pleasant emotions, child-like memories, and good 'ol Southern fun. ~ Matthew Forss

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