Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CD Review: Kami Thompson's 'Love Lies'

Kami Thompson
Love Lies

The folk-rock ramblings of smooth-voiced, Kami Thompson, brightens the day with sunny, thought-provoking lyrics about life, love, and driving high-end cars that aren't too female friendly. The laid-back guitar work is equally-compelling with Kami's vocals. The quieter moments on "Nice Cars" brings to mind the sophomore work of Zero 7. The London-native brings slightly quirky, bluesy, and rootsy elements to the forefront without resorting to mindless songwriting or meaningless instrumentals. Kami's "Want You Back" resembles a folk-rock anthem that could have been sung by Nina Gordon. The album is only thirty-five minutes long with ten tracks. However, the result is above-average overall. Kami's folk guitar stylings are a perfect combination of talent, love, and emotion. Love Lies is great...and that's no lie! ~ Matthew Forss

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