Friday, February 24, 2012

CD Review: Las Hermanas Caronni's 'Baguala de la siesta'

Las Hermanas Caronni
Baguala de la siesta
Snail Records

The music of Las Hermanas Caronni is actually produced by twins--Laura and Gianna Caronni. The twins are from Argentina. The duo performs tango, folk, and classical music with only a cello and a clarinet. Keep in mind, the duo also sings. The emotive vocals possesss very theatrical--almost operatic--undertones. The worldly nature of the songs is reflected from ancestral origins from Switzerland, Russia, Italy, and Spain. The music is devoid of any additional instrumentation. The entire project is relatively low-fi, but the sounds are beautiful, emotional, and enthralling. Though, fans seeking a more traditional Argentinian release should look elsewhere. Fans with a leaning toward the classical approaches will enjoy Baguala de la siesta the best. ~ Matthew Forss

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